An Aviary covering over 1000 m2 opened on November 16th 2013, currently housing over 300 birds.

From Australian cockatoos and lorikeets to exotic parrots and macaws, you will meet hundreds of cheeky and colourful birds, many of whom will land right on your shoulder.

In our animal enclosure next to the aviary you can pat our friendly alpacas, goat, sheep, chickens, ducks and guinea fowl, as well as a miniature horse and donkey.

Entry to the aviary is available through guided walk-through tours offered daily.
One of our friendly and experienced birdkeepers will introduce you to our wide variety of birds, in a tour lasting 30-40 minutes.

Tour times vary according to demand, beginning at either 10:30am or 11:00am daily, offered hourly or every 1.5 hours.

On busy days (weekends and school holidays) there may be a longer wait to accommodate for larger groups. We recommend allowing a few hours to fully experience the gardens and aviary.

The extraordinary experience is absolutely worth the wait!

Please note: Before entering the aviary we recommend all  jewellery be removed prior to entering the Bird Aviary as birds love to remove and play with it.


Maleny Botanic Gardens Aviary

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