About Our Aviary Tours

Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World An Unforgettable Experience!


The four walk-through aviaries are home to over 700 native and exotic birds from around the world. Visitors can be part of a walk-through, interactive guided tour, where they will get up close and personal with the birds.

Daily Interactive fully guided Aviary Tours – 10:30AM, 11:30AM, 12:30PM, 2:00PM and 3:30PM – (Additional tour times will be added during peak holiday periods)

Our tours last approximately 50 minutes and our friendly and experienced birdkeepers will introduce you to our wide variety of birds and provide you with a fascinating education into what makes them truly unique.

Please note:
We recommend ALL jewellery, glittery items and hats with buttons be removed prior to the tour as our birds love to borrow and play with these items and can be very quick.
If you prefer to just enjoy watching the birds we will provide you with a feather duster which lets our birds know to keep their distance from you.

Our Finch aviary has an ever growing collection of finches and soft bill species from all parts the world! Walk through and discover the wonders of these tiny creatures as they go about their daily antics.
Our Australian aviary is home to many of our native species. Ranging from your common Cockatiel and Budgerigar to Red-Tail Black Cockatoos and the colourful Eclectus parrots.
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Our small parrot aviary embraces species from all over the world from the intelligent African Greys from Africa to the cheeky South American Conures! This aviary is a sure favourite and is excellent for children.
Our most interactive aviary gives you the opportunity to get eye to eye with some of the most stunning birds in the world. Get up close and personal with some of our amazing macaws or beautiful Amazon parrots. With a range different species from all over the globe you will be left in awe!