Plants & Animals

The variety of plants and varied landscape attracts insects, birds and wildlife abounds.  Wood ducks and green wing ducks frequent and share the ponds with swamp hens.  Listen to wompoo pigeons and the many native birds that frequent the gardens. Hear a kookaburra ‘laugh’ and noisy lorikeet’s chatter.  Brush turkeys scuttle about from the rain forest surrounds.  Observe the sleek cormorant dive into a pond or perched on a rock spreading its wings to dry.  Possums breed in nesting boxes originally provided for birds.

We share the gardens with all kinds of amazing wildlife, including snakes at certain times of the year, such carpet pythons, green and brown tree snakes, as well as red belly black snakes, all of which are shy but can be observed occasionally.

AgapanthusHerbaceous perennial that mostly blooms in summer, blue & white
AlocasiaGrown for its leaves, various colours and types
AzaleaSpring flowering shrub, variety of colours white, pink, purple
BambooClumping varieties
BegoniasPerennial, flowers white, pink, scarlet & yellow, attractive leaves
Birch, silver, tropical Great autumn foliage
Birds of ParadiseStrelitzia
Brazilian Jasmine
Mandevilla sanderi RoseaRobust climber with salmon pink, funnel shaped flowers in spring and early summer
BromeliadPineapple type plant
BuddlejaShrub, flowers white, yellow, pink to purple
Cacti & SucculentsDifferent varieties
CalibrachoaMillion Bells, perennial petunia, all colours
CallistemonNative shrub
CamelliaWinter to Spring flowers white, pink Rex, bi –colour
CannaAll colours with brightly coloured leaves
Cape AngelsHerbacious plant, flowers pink, white & mauve
CleomeSpicer Flower
CliviaBright Orange, yellow, flowers several times a year
ConiferWoody plant, may be dwarf, screen or ground covering
CycadPrimitive ancient type of plant dating back to the age of dinosaurs
DayliliesCultivar flowers, highly diverse in colour and form
DipladeniaClimbing shrub, comes in pink & white
FernsTree Ferns, Stag Horns & Elk Horns
Forget-Me-NotMay be annual or perennial, blue, pink or white flowers
FoxgloveHerbaceous perennial
FrangipaniPlumeria, Singapure Frangipani
GardeniaPerfumed flowering shrub, white & gold flowers
GauraHerbaceous, white & pink, flowers almost all year round
GeraniumsSpecies of annual, biennial & perennial plants, variety of colours
GloxiniaTropical flowering rhizomatous herb
GordoniaFried egg tree, egg yolk yellow centre in large white camellia like flower
GrassesVariety of grasses
GrevilleaNative shrub, variety of colours
HeliconiaRelated to bananas, cannas & ginger
HibiscusShrubs and standard versions
HydrangeaShrub, needs moist area, white, pink & blue
ImpatiensHerbaceous plant, all colours, flowers almost all year round
IrisAll colours, some prefer wet areas
IxoraSummer flowering, yellow, white, orange, red & salmon colour
Jade VineJade coloured flowers, leguminous perennial woody vine
JasminClimbing shrub, highly scented
LavenderHerbaceous plant with white to purple flowers
LiliumLarge flowers often fragrant
LotusTropical types – all colours
LysmachiaGold flowering ground cover
MagnoliaSpectacular deciduous tree, spring flowering
Mauritius HempSpectacular Succulent
Mondo GrassDoes not need cutting
Native treesBlack Bean, Red Bean, Blue Quandong, Red Cedar, White Cedar
Nodding VioletPerennial evergreen with lots of showy flowers
OrchidsEpiphytes, several types –(including an orchid collection by Wally Clarke)
PansiesAnnual plant, mix of colours
PenstemonBeard-tongue, herbaceous perennial
PentasPerennial, variety of colours
Persian ShieldStrobilantes dyerianus.Iridescent, colorful foliage
PetuniasAnnual plant, mix of colours
Xanadu, evergreen low shrub
Pride of Madeira, also known as Tower of JewelEchium candicans or pininana
Red Tower GingerGrows in a clump, brilliant red inflorescence’s flower for long periods
RhododendronTropical Vireya types
RoseGreat variety including standards
Royal PalmTropical appearance
SageHerbaceous plant
SalviaEvergreen shrub with purple or lilac/white or blue flowers
SedumBright yellow green ground cover
Snap DragonsPerennial flowering plant of varying height
StaticeHerbaceous perennial plant
Sweet PotatoGround covering root vegetable, white flower with purple centre
ThymeHerbaceous plant
TibouchinaShrub with white to purple flowers most of the year; varieties: Little Beauty- small bush, Groovy Baby- low groundcover like bush
VincaMixed colours; large, crisp flowers with overlapping petals and bright green foliage
Water LiliesTropical types – all colours
Weeping WillowPendulous branches, nice shade cover